San Francisco Photo Diary - Day 2

Land's End

Hiking and exploring top my list of favorite things to do in any city. So when my friend Jessica asked me what we wanted to do, I immediately responded with "Hiking, please!!"


Jessica, along with her bf Rei, picked us up and introduced us to Land's End. It was an entire coast with cliffs and surreal landscapes. Within Land's Ends is Sutro Baths, at which place I finally confessed that hiking really meant walking around and taking a lot of photos to me. They just smiled and told me, they already knew. Gosh, aren't they awesome?

Jessica's picture of me picture

San Francisco-18 San Francisco-17

We hiked, we stood, we climbed, and played all day.


Below, Leena's testing out her new Sony camera and it's seriously legitttt!!! I played around with it for awhile and I can tell you, it definitely gives novice dSLR's a run for its money.
Leena's new camera! Untitled

Midway of our hike, we stopped for some Vietnamese pho, three of which were vegan. MmmmMMm.

Eagle Point Eagle Point

And to end on the cutest note everrrrr, we found the most cutest and gorgeous dogs during our hikes.

San Francisco-30
Later that night, Leena and I passed out from a massive amounts of boba!! and massive amounts of walking. So worth it. A huge thanks to Jessica for spending your day with us, driving around, and introducing us to the most beautiful places!! (See: SF Photo Diary - Day 1)


  1. When did you change your blog header? I'm in love! It's very fresh and very you, since I know nature photography and flowers are some of your most favourite subjects. ^.^

    P.S. You look very pretty in those pictures!

    1. Thanks, Roanna! :) I was experimenting with a few different designs this past Friday and ended up going with the floral one. I'm glad you like it! <3<3<3