San Francisco Photo Diary - Day 1

View from Fairmont
 It was a cold night back in January of this year and I was taking a break from wedding planning. I was reading random stuff online when I came across some really really exciting news...

San Francisco-4

I immediately texted my friend Leena about it. After a couple of texts back and forth of "OMG'S! AND OFCOURSE'S!!" we found ourselves online to buy tickets to see Postal Service play in Berkeley, CA. At the end of our initial planning, I realized I had to go back to wedding planning. I took a break to plan yet another thing--ha!

Nob hill Nob Hill

We decided to make a road trip out of this and we couldn't be happier. However, our first day was spent mainly sleeping in and recovering from our overnighter (oh our college days are long behind us now!) and shopping because like crazy people we forgot to pack our coats. *Note to anyone who is traveling to San Francisco--bring a coat, bring a sweater, bring layers, please!*

Fairmont ballroom
We spent the evening in Berkeley, which feels like our old stomping grounds. We used to come up here for MUN conferences all the time and always left calling that place our second home.

View from Fairmont View from Fairmont


  1. The urban landscapes are so stunning, Tana! You're a gifted photographer (REALLY). :D

  2. What camera do you own? i love the quality of your photos. :)