Tea Cupcakes


Some infrequent posts are coming right up! This here are tea cupcakes. Because tea and cupcakes are clearly a few of my favorite things. And when you combine them together, I'll have heart eyes for days.


When I make cupcakes, it's usually a modified version of this white chocolate macadamia nut cupcake recipe. It's delicious and it's eggless! A huge plus for me. :) And lastly, the silicon tea liners are reusable and so perfect if you just want to make a small batch of desserts. For these photos, I divided the portions in half of the recipe I linked above. 

Tea Cupcakes
Some updates:
(1) I'm finally publishing an "About" page. Long overdue but it's here. I'll get around to posting a bio photo too!
 (2) My friend Tahereh and I started a lifestyle blog together this past November called We Still Write In Cursive. We've been creating tons of content on it for months and can't wait to share even more soon!
(3) I'm putting together my portfolio and hope to launch it in by the end of January. Eeee!
(4) This is only by 101th post! Definitely plan to up my game on this. :D

Anyway! What are you upto these days??

Flowers and Light - Tulips

I took these still life photos when we first moved into our place. I was testing the light in different rooms and I was pleasantly surprised when I found my dining room to have the kind of light I needed. It's a giant soft box really with three (THREE!) walls that are completely bare to bounce off light coming in from the windows. 

It's now turned into my studio where I take on product & food photography projects. However, to have to take down the studio and shift the dining table back into its place becomes a daily ordeal. So if I have two shoots in a row, my husband and I opt to dinner on the living room floor. It's not that bad...it's kind of like having a picnic on the regular! :P

So I'm curious to know, what does your photo set up look like?


A couple of months ago, Madewell and Artifact Uprising invited me to share my take on denim and to launch their #denimmadewell contest on Instagram. The winners have now been announced and there's an insta-exhibition today featuring their photos! Congrats ladies! The winning picks are so stunning and inspiring.

I'm excited to co-host their insta-exhibition in Century City this evening from 7-9pm. Come by if you're in LA! There will be snacks, treats, and much more. You can RSVP here.

Some outtakes above.


Hope you're doing well! This month is particularly exciting as we're celebrating quite a few birthdays within our family. Before I know it, it will be November and the temperature will still not have changed in Los Angeles (ha!) Hope you have an amazing rest of the week!

Love For Lomography 04


Oh man oh man! How has it been almost a year since I last shared some prints using the Diana Mini?? It's one of those light hearted cameras meant for fun and mistakes -- don't mind me though, I'll just be justifying the cost to develop them. It's like.... you're paying a premium on developing film to see which mistakes you made (which is kind of all the time!) #lifedilemma

One of my favorite pictures is of my sister-in-law (as seen in the image above) where I had big plans to double expose with flowers. I don't know how I managed to completely get it all wrong but I still love how it turned out.  


A snapshot from our flight from LAX to Cabo San Lucas back in February of this year. I'm really digging the hot pink flare on the bottom. On this trip, I took most photos with the Diana and the Instax (as seen here).


Remember the flowers I was talking about that were supposed to be double exposed? These were those but here they are displayed all by itself. Still happy with the results.


Beach photos were meant for toy cameras! Or is it the other way around? 

Really into this color combination. It reminds me of conceptual abstract colorful dreamy summers.

I'm playing catch up on what's been going on these past two months! Meanwhile, how's it going? How was your summer? I'm so excited for the next few months! :)

Flowers and Light: Peonies in B&W II

I know what you are thinking. Peonies, again?! The internet is full of them! But here we are. :) These flowers were a vibrant pink color as seen here. They were lovely and different from the usual peonies I take home and I appreciated the many differences between them.

If you were wondering why this is labeled "II", it's because I did a post  similar to this last year. This time around I wanted to see how the mood changed if I used a white backdrop. Which do you prefer? Do you like black and white edits? They seem almost timeless to me. Anyway, one of my friends asked if I could turn the photo below into a shirt. I wasn't sure if he was serious or not so I uploaded it on Society 6. Turns out, he was! Anyway, if you would also like this in a shirt, or anything else, you can get it here. Please note that any purchase made come with hundreds of virtual hugs from me. 

In other news, my husband and I are moving to LA this weekend! We've been living on the border of LA and Orange County for far too long now and it was always hard to explain how close we are to the city but how far we were at the same time. I'm a little nervous about this change but then I'm reminded that life begins at the edge of our comfort zone. That's the quote by Robert Frost right? :)

Lastly, I shared a little personal post on being vegetarian on Natalie's lovely blog, La Designerie. Check it out for more peony love but more for her beautiful blog!

Okay wow! That was a lot of information to take in for one post! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely week and weekend ahead! Do you have any upcoming travel plans? We're heading out on a road trip next month and couldn't be more excited (and stressed!) for it.