Macaron Vs. Nature

Macaron Vs. Nature is a small photo series, aka collections here, that started out by a random chance when I was using some leaves to style with some coffee + macarons. It didn't work out as I had planned but I remember feeling thoroughly amused that the leaves were matching this green shade of macaron. So the photo above happened. ^

As you can tell, I was quite amused by finding things that matched these macaron colors and tried another one... By now I wanted to match all the colors to all of nature which proved quite the challenge but also kind of redundant. So to spice things up, I tried a different composition...
Not sure where this series will go but I know I'll continue to follow the things I find amusing. ;) Any suggestions or colors you'd like to see next?

Flowers and Light: Mixed

Flora-5 Flora-4

Looks like I caught a cold from being out in the sun too much! I'm definitely implementing the advice offered on this post a while back. Thank you thank you! If I feel better within the next 24 hours, it is all because of you. And now to these flowers that graced my dining table a couple of weeks ago.

I loved that this arrangement from Trader Joe's had one stem of eucalyptus popping out. While everything else wilted pretty fast, this stem is still standing tall. 

What are your weekend plans? I'm second shooting a wedding tomorrow and then relaxing most of Sunday. Hope you have a lovely one! x

Cabo Snapshots

CaboSnapshots-6 CaboSnapshots-5

I had the pleasure of traveling with my mum to Cabo this past February. Most of it was work related but I did have a few hours to lounge around the beach and most importantly take pictures. I didn't bring very many cameras with me-just my instax and diana. I wanted to travel light and take pictures using different mediums--since I usually wouldn't otherwise.


For starters, there is THIS (^^) gorgeous view. I mean, seriously right? How much more blue can the water get? See more proof here and here. Though, to be honest, I quite prefer the soft California sand. Cabo is beautiful and all but there were so many scratches (re: exfoliation) on my legs after a dip in this side of the ocean.

And then of course, there are some double exposures. I got lucky the last few times because I definitely struggled to get these shots (lots of wasted film you don't see here). I think the sky needs to be a little overcast and not blue to get that perfect exposure. Still really digging these ethereal ones though.

One of the two afternoons while I was walking around, I got to meet Anne-Sophie, a yoga instructor from San Francisco. I asked if I could take a photo of her doing yoga and she was kind enough to let me snap a few. We eventually got to talking about traveling and immediately struck up a friendship. Don't you love when that happens?


Well, that was fun! In an ideal world, I would have loved to explore more of Cabo. Definitely hope to next time. :) Now your turn! What cameras do you like to take on a trip? Instant? Film? Digital?

Tea For Days


There was a time where only one cup of coffee would have me bouncing off the walls with energy. It didn't take long before I needed two cups to get through the day and on really tough crunch-time days, I'd opt for a third cup of coffee. I'm very well aware of the side effects that coffee gives you but it was often ignored until I personally started feeling them!


Now I'm taking it a little easy on the caffeine consumption and opting for coffee only on those special days when we're exploring around LA. On a day to day basis, I'm sticking to some green tea to get just the slightest kick of caffeine.

So far it hasn't been THAT bad. The first few times I actually went without having any caffiene which then led to head aches. Basically, that's when I knew it was definitely time to cut down. What about you? Have you ever done a caffeine audit?

Natural Skin Remedies - Verily Magazine

During my summers off in college, I enrolled in skin care school to get my esthetician license. It was a thing I did to appease my mom at the time but now I'm so glad I did! It was definitely an interesting experience to say the least but most importantly, I understood the importance of having a skin care routine. Though a lot of the suggestions in school were to use products that had a lot of chemicals in it, I turned to my family and their remedies that were passed down for 3 generations for natural treatments. Today, I'm excited to share 3 natural remedies on Verily Magazine.

And speaking of skin care and beauty, I shared some of thoughts on inner beauty on Maru's lovely blog Fashiony Fab. Head on over to both sites for some natural and inner beauty talk and enjoy! x

Let me know if you have any questions on skin care, I'll do my best to answer them!