Every visit to India is a reset button. Not sure if it's the lack of a strong wi-fi connection or not having everyday comforts readily available but I always come back feeling focused and refreshed. One of the moments I've longed to relive was arriving on a remote island in Kerala by way of a canoe! We hauled all our luggage on the boat and took to our new destination. Here's to finally cataloging a quiet moment in the backwaters of Kerala with Away luggage. 

Tana Gandhi Tana Gandhi

Tana Gandhi Tana Gandhi


I've wanted to do a few test shoots this past year and I wanted to find the right stylist to collaborate with. Enter Suzi, a stylist and recent culinary graduate looking to build her food styling portfolio. We've worked together on shoots for a few of my clients and naturally, this felt like a seamless collaboration. We brainstormed the look and feel for this shoot and Suzi made all this delicious food!

((Food styling: Suzi Rezler (portfolio coming soon!) and Photography: Tana Gandhi))

Tana Gandhi Tana Gandhi


Imagine a perfectly warm afternoon spent walking through and indulging in the scents of PF Candle Co. We were introduced to their newly launched room sprays from Amber Moss to Tobacco and Teakwood and more. I was pleasantly surprised at the fresh scent of the latter but ended up going with the former! 

We chatted about how scents are so closely attached to our memories, which is exactly how I ended up trying out the amber moss room spray-- it reminded me of the canyons and forest that were so close to my college. I'd smell this familiar scent all four years on campus and it was like a dream to revisit those memories through this scent. Try them out for yourself! 

And here's a little look at where I've placed my candles! Even though my kitchen isn't always in use doesn't mean it shouldn't smell nice. :P


Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to create some images for Laura Mercier for use on their instagram. Here's a look at a few travel, still life and self portrait photos inspired by the California sun and beach. Ever since, I've been a big fan of mixing the highlighters--they are a dream! <3 (Direct links: 123456)