L'Exception x Fête Impériale

If I could concretely day dream of a French dress juxtaposed in grungy parts of LA, perhaps this is what it would look like. It was a visual I was eager to create...
L'Exception has an exceptional collection of French designers and I'm particularly inspired by Fête Impériale for their use of tiny details to their overall structure (re: this dress). Overall, a fun shoot capturing the fleeting beauty of the California sun and a white dress that can't do no wrong.


hi hi hi i want some cotton candy. yes i do. if i daydreamed about it, this is what it would look like. ;)


From the crystal clear waters in south Ko Lanta to the downtown flare of Chiang Mai, my week in Thailand blew me away. We snorkeled, drove around on motorbikes, shopped at the night market and took one too many ferry boats for our liking. Some cities we visited: Ko Lanta, Krabi, Ao Nang, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Easily one of my favorite trips ever.


I recently had the pleasure to work with art director and designer, Ania Diakoff, on an editorial for Paper Chase Press "From the Desk Of" series. Her home so totally represents her beautiful work and it was so fun to work with her! Hop on over to read their full interview here.


Nothing like a backpack to reminisce about them good ol' college days. Except that I didn't really use my backpack and that I sprinted to class with books in hand and papers scattered everywhere. I swear I got it together by my senior year. My whole point I guess is that I had some baggage issues and I was really missing out because this is one gorgeous bag (heh see what I did there). One beautiful, not made out of leather(!), sustainable bag that fills this ever so large hole in my wardrobe. Matt and Nat has filled all the criteria I look for before purchasing any luxury items and just wait, I will be all over their shoe launch! #notsponsored

Tana Gandhi Tana Gandhi

Self portraits taken in my home studio