Big Sur Road Trip Photo Diary - Day 3

Bixby Canyon Bridge

On our last day in San Francisco, we woke up super early to start our road trip driving south. Our biggest destinations were stopping in Point Lobos National Park and Big Sur.

Leena at Bixby Canyon Bridge
Leena doing her thing with her new camera. I love how she mixes colors so well in our her outfits. Mine are usually all black with hints of maybe white or blue. Below, the only red pants I have are now my "traveling pants" which I wore proudly (as pictured here) in Iceland.
Point Lobos State Park Point Lobos State Park
Around Bixby Canyon Bridge

Bixby Canyon Bridge

On the drive back, we listened to Spice Girls, lots of Bollywood music and looks for a restaurant because I don't know why we didn't pack snacks for this roadtrip! HA!

Point Lobos State Park

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