Hydrangeas: Flowers and Light


These hydrangeas brightened my room with so much cheery, it was just perfect. Flowers combined with just a smidgen of natural light makes for a very well spent afternoon.

This past weekend, we threw a bonfire for our dear friend Shanehi who will be moving across the country! She brought this flag to designate our bonfire pit. It was brilliant.


  1. Pretty flowers, as always. I think these grow here (in yellow?) but I never knew what they were called.

    1. PS- Love the new header Tana, did you design it?

    2. Thanks, Magali! They're floral alphabets that I downloaded as a png from creative market and put them next to each other after. I essentially doodle these on pen and paper but don't have the right software to transfer it over yet. :P

      You know I wasn't too familiar with hydrangeas either until I saw them at the store. They were so delicate and they lasted awhile but the stems were really hard to cut!