Black Vs. White

PeonyLight-8 PeonyDark-5

When I decided to start a new blog late last year, I was inspired by a lot of airy, clean and minimal photographs. My guidelines included usually white and/or light backdrops and something a little more light-hearted or optimistic.

flowers-6 flowers-5

Over the past few months, I realized that the expressions I wanted to convey through my stills weren't always in a bright aesthetic. Rather, I wanted them to be more moody. I'm curious to know which aesthetic you tend to gravitate towards?


  1. i am a white type of person, honestly, but i looooove the look of black. i wish i was braver and tried to use it more often:)

    1. i know what you mean, i used to feel the same way! it's funny, three years ago, I started off with mostly black backgrounds and slowly inched myself to a more lighter aesthetic. Now, maybe I'm in between. I'd definitely recommend experimenting with it, if anything, it's just be fun to try it out. :)