Big Sur Instaxes


SO, as simple as the Instax can get, it's still possible to use the wrong settings! AH! It's really my misunderstanding really. I've read the manual a long time ago and foolishly I thought the "L" meant landscape. Once I saw the results, I totally remembered that "L" meant make the image lighter not on landscape mode. I redid the portrait instaxes with the mountain symbol and was finally happy with the results and my camera settings.

July-7 July-5

During our road trip, we were so excited to stop at Big Sur coast but later realized that in all this excitement, we forgot to pack snacks and a lunch!! Restaurants were scarce and our appetite was huge. After a couple of hours, we finally saw a restaurant with a live band singing to Johnny Cash as we sat eating (veggie) burgers overlooking these beautiful landscapes.


After experiencing this road trip, it's funny to think that we were almost considering flying instead. I'm SO glad we drove because it gave us the bonding time that I very much appreciated. Props to Leena for driving the ENTIRE freaking time. 


  1. Your talent never ceases to amaze me!

  2. I love instax although it's one of my most 'temperamental formats'. The sky always goes white but then that's the beauty of it, I guess? I love that first landscape.

    1. That's true, I do kind of like the effect of it going white when it's really bright out. I'll post my Instaxes from Iceland some day soon, I don't know how it managed to grab all the right exposures! Maybe it's the Iceland air or light or something ;)

      One of my temperamental formats has been the diana mini. I know it's so simple but I've found you have to be really detailed with the settings to get it just right.

      Hope you had a great weekend, Magali! <3