7/52: From Where I Stand

Do you ever wonder what people who aren't into feet are thinking when they see feet pictures? Do they pretend they didn't see it? Do they shake their fists into the air and yell *What happened to this world?!!*

This past Sunday, I laid out white backdrop paper on the floor of my room. I had some awesome light coming in and used a white styrofoam board as the reflector.

I picked up all the material things I currently love and sprawled them across the floor. Here's the final image:

Week 7 - From Where I Stand

Some statistics on where I stand today:
  • Five hundred and sixty two: the number of times I've wanted to go back to India or do some other form of travel.
  • Slowly accumulating a slew of cameras... I liked taking photos on my elph point and shoot in college but I never thought I'd have these many cameras. But such is the life of a photographer.
  • I'm packing for my surprise bachelorette party this weekend! I have no idea what's going on but they did tell me to pack my camera. I already know this is going to be awesome! ;)


  1. I'm dying to get back out on the road and travel more too. And those sharpies and tapes are AWESOME!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! :) I can't wait to start traveling again. It's just been bits and pieces here and there.

      Sorry for the late response, the one I posted awhile back never went through-ahh!

  2. I love these pictures so much, they are so lovely. The instant mini exposures turned out really well, I love my Instax Mini 50S.
    much love,


    1. Thanks so much! i love the instax mini too!