6/52: Food

I'm loving these Weekly Photo Challenges. I've made it my goal to create shoots out of these photos that I could eventually put into my portfolio along with getting experience in photography and art direction--all at the same time!

Similar to last week, I made an inspiration board to help figure out what kind of mood and setting I'd like to go with for Food. I prepared these things on the weekday so I can plan the shoot during natural light hours on Saturday.

Luckily, I was able to borrow a marble cutting board from work that was A LOT of fun to work with. I can see so much potential with it!

I had a 7 day free trial with Lynda.com so I decided to make full use of it and ended up watching a course on Food Photography! Bill Robbins showed us his essential food photography kit which included tweezers!! So I decided to try it out...and you see the clusters of small chili seeds there? Those were meticulously placed there with my tweezers!

My original intention was to go with a more random and naturally styled shoot. However, I didn't like the composition nor did I find it compelling enough to make it the final image. So I went with something more organized...

6/52 - Food

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