India Trip Part 3: On-The-Go All-The-Time

Unlike my previous India trips which were very relaxing and calm, this trip was go-go-go all-the-time. From attending my cousin's wedding to shopping for my own with a lot of other things mixed in between, I'd rather have my trips go this way than relaxing. That's sometimes the type of travel I love the most.

So during this India trip I...

Met with one of my dad's friends who has an amazing collection of stamps from India dating back to the 1970's!!

India Trip

Went shopping for my wedding. Can't believe how many saris we saw in one day!

India Trip

Visited some 100+ year old temples nestled in the heart of the city

India Trip

 Had LOTS of chai everywhere we went

India Trip

Attended my cousin's wedding. This was the horse he was on during his baraat procession

India Trip

For once, got henna done on myself! (Picture below is my cousin's hand)

India Trip

Went on an overnighter coach from city to city. This was definitely one of the rougher parts of the trip but I'll always look back and have fond memories of it. Below is a stop we had at a "24/7 Food Mall" How very Western...

India Trip

Spent the day in the Maharasthran countryside

Spent a day in the Maharasthran countryside.

Enjoyed airline amenities

India Trip

Found kittens in the attic of our house!!!

India trip: Found kittens in our attic. And definitely many many more things like having lots of Indo-Chinese food (THE BEST!), visiting family, visiting the India office for my work, traveling to old and new places alike, reliving my nostalgia and making new memories that add to this nostalgia and ohhhh the travel bug.

India Trip
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One last India post coming up!

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  1. Oh wow! Tana I love this post of yours. India is one of my must go places, hopefully one day I'll go and see and admire the culture, and art up close myself. So beautiful!