Eggless Banana Bread

These bananas were turning a serious shade of brown and it breaks my heart each time it goes to waste. Most times I cut them up and freeze them to make smoothies or this banana nice cream recipe. But that was during the summer and this is now. You know, 70 degree California winter... :P So I wanted to try my hand at a warmer recipe... a banana bread recipe!

Tana Gandhi Tana Gandhi

Though I'm not one to buy banana bread at a cafe, it was pretty rewarding to make my own. It's always nice to know that if I have very brown bananas in the future, I can definitely turn it into something rather than wasting it.  I wish the same can be said about avocados!

So what else do you make with super ripe bananas??


  1. Glad you have found a yummy solution for the
    brown banana's c: This eggless banana bread
    looks great! And you can always grill avocado's c;
    That's what I do atleast haha Xx

  2. Looks great! I never was really a fan of using banana to cook and bake but my mind was completely changed after baking some banana nut muffins :)

  3. Love how you lined up all the bananas!!! I love making banana bread!