Pocket of light

I've talked about how much I enjoy having some bright light in my dining room (here) and now I wanted to share a little pocket of light that comes into my living room. Around 3pm, the room brightens up from one window we have open. I've exposed for the light here which makes everything else dark. Such a great way to hide the mess behind me. Tee hee!

Reading magazines and lounging before getting back to work.

And at 3:20pm, the light moves towards the blinds we have closed and we're left with one stark line. Great way to show of my Mac lipstick. ;)

What kind of light do you like to work with?


  1. Goodness, perfect lighting!
    I love white bright spaces, but I work really well under a dim-light -something about the darkness that brings peace.

  2. theses are prefect photographs.

  3. Perfect photos, so in love with them. I also love this moments where the sunlight comes into my house. Specially the morning sun light that gets into my bedroom and the midday sun light that comes into my living room. I can't help but love those moments of the day, I can't help but keep staring as the light moves from one place to another.


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