San Diego Photo Diary


I visited my dear friend Leena in San Diego this past weekend to celebrate one year of the last time I visited her. Though we see each other often, it's usually not in SD so this was the perfect chance to: (1) catch up on all the things (2) go on true SD adventures and (3) take lots and lots of photos.


A couple of days before the visit, Leena quickly compiled an itinerary. Though we both revel in spontaneity, the idea of making more specific plans sounded really exciting. She listed all the food places to check out, all the scenes to see (which, btw, are completely different from what you'll see in tour books!), and all I can say is, ISN'T SHE AWESOME?

SanDiego-13 SanDiego-15

We conveniently had an empty frame in the car and framed a lot of the shots at Balboa Park. It made for a fun series compilation! We also painted our nails which was a convenient decision considering how many hand and feet photos we took.




SanDiego-1 SanDiego-23

The sweetest part of the weekend was waking up early to pick up coffee and split a chocolate croissant while overlooking the SD skyline from the harbor. We sat and talked like...there wasn't a huge race with runners running behind us the whole time!!




SanDiego-20 SanDiego-33

There were a lot of serendipitous moments like running into the Before I Die Wall and having some really awesome Instameet experiences.


During our walk through Balboa Park, we found sweet affirmations on the ground. These daily reminders are more awesome in public spaces and as street art.


What about you? Any summer travels this week? Our next one is coming up at the end of this month to San Francisco where we'll see the Postal Service's reunion tour!


  1. I LOVE this set of pictures! That teal crochet blouse/outfit is teasing me so! What is it? I wanna see. :-)

    1. Thanks, Roanna! :) The teal sweater is Leena's, isn't it lovely? I think she mentioned it's from Anthropologie. Here's the full photo:

  2. Lovely pictures Tana. Nothing like spending such good time with friends! Loved pop of nail paints in the picture, and also the idea of using frame. We are planning a two weeks Europe trip next month, all excited for it. :)

    1. Thanks, Preeti! Agreed, spending this quality time with friends is the best! Hope you have a great trip to Europe, looking forward to seeing your photos! :)

  3. Fun photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. One of the best weekends ever!! Such an exciting and energizing time!

    1. It was one of the best weekends indeed!! Thank YOU so much for all of it!! :)

  5. Don't you just love Balboa Park? I love going to the San Diego Zoo and then just walk right over to the beautiful park. It looks amazing at night. If you have a chance you should visit Balboa during the Halloween season they host something called the Haunted Trail and Maze. The maze is about $5 extra and totally worth it. During the Christmas season they host The Festival of Lights. I highly recommend going to one of these if you're in the area.

    1. I loved Balboa Park! I haven't been to the zoo in a couple of years but enjoyed walking around--i didn't realize it was so close to the park! Thanks for the suggestions! I definitely hope to check it out during Halloween and especially in the winter. :)