San Diego Instameet

This past weekend, my dear friend Leena and I attended an "Instameet" as part of the World Wide Instameet. I've wanted to go to one for the longggggest time and it finally worked out! So you could imagine my excitement to meet other photo enthusiasts and just take photos for a couple of hours with each other.  

A few insights on why I'd recommend attending an Instameet 

ONE// It becomes an instant community-- everyone is there to help each other. There were so many photo tips being passed around and so many people offered to be in photos and they were so enthusiastic about it all.

TWO// The levels of creativity that are spawned out of being with other creative people is ridiculously amazing. I felt like I was on a creative high! ha-ha

THREE// This is one of the rare moments where being on your phone in a social setting isn't considered rude.

Have you considered going to an Instameet? If so, here's a good place to check out if it's coming up in your area:

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