23/52 - Circle



nitially, a top view of coffee mugs and sliced lemons came to mind. But yesterday, clear cups were the final win. What do you do in the brainstorming process? How do you iterate a theme? I first start with mood boards, then brain storm for my own photo session, gather up all the props I'd need, and assign a time during natural light hours to get everything done.

It's a good process so far but I didn't think it through this week since I have no mood board to present for this. Maybe one week is a short time to completely think of an idea, but I do like the challenge of exercising the creative muscle so often!


The Weekly Photo Challenge is a project in which a group of creative folks work on creating images based on a certain theme that's given out each Sunday. Let me know if you'd like to join in. My favorite photographs from this challenge: one, two, three (View all here.)