Five Senses

What started as just writing recent updates led me to experiment with different formats in updating itself. So let's try this out! A few things, in the form of the 5 senses:

(1) Touch

It's been awhile since I last picked up a fiction book. I've been reading a lot of magazines and online articles and miss holding and reading an actual book. Any suggestions on what to pick up next? The photo below was taken on a flight with awesome light coming through the windows. I loved how the light hit the book.

(2) Sight

We've been living at our new place for about 2 weeks now and I'm thrilled to find the kind of natural light that's coming in at different times of the day. Below is an image taken at 7:32am -- it feels almost glorious! Have you noticed interesting lights and shadows come into your home?

(3) Taste

Nutella, strawberry, and banana crepes. I haven't had them since our trip to Palm Springs and am ecstatic for the next chance I get to...

(4) Smell

Waiting for a new batch of flowers to come in. Not only will I be taking lots of photos, I'm excited to smell new scents in all our rooms.

(5) Hearing

Enjoyed hearing the sound of tiny waves crashing on our tiny boat this past weekend.

Okay okay, so these weren't really "updates" but still, it was fun to think of the different inspirations that come in form of these five senses. What do you think? Any inspiration that's gathered for you?


  1. i love this so so much! the pictures are wonderful and just the entire format of the post is!!!!

    ps- you should definitely try to make your own crepes, those look too good to have to limit yourself to eating them only on trips, haha! i posted a recipe a few weeks ago, if you are craving them Right Now:)

    1. Thanks so much, Giulia! It was definitely fun to try this format. :)

      And you're so totally right! Why wait to have crepes when I could easily make them! I'll definitely check out your recipe and I'm craving it even more now--ah!