24/52 - Abstract


Doing a little catch up on the photo challenges this week. It's been a little floral-heavy these past couple of weeks, but things will start to balance out next week. I enjoyed experimenting with "real-life" things that I would otherwise doodle or sketch on Illustrator. Here are three ways you can mix yarn and flowers together.

ONE// Make shapes like the heart pictured above...

TWO// Make abstract patterns...


THREE// Make doodles and place flowers on top of the curves.



  1. Wowie, Tana! I think it would be so, so, so exciting to just spend a day with you. I love making arts and crafts, and this is certainly a unique way of expressing it... by channelling them into temporary art, objects or shapes and creating beautiful pictures! I'm so glad Magali told me about you.

    1. AWW, thanks so much Roanna :) A craft day would be so much fun! I'm looking forward to the next time I'm in Bombay. :)

      Don't you love how the blogging world makes all of this possible?