Remember these henna cupcakes I made some time back? I was recently asked to make henna cookies with vibrant colors. I wasn't sure how I could pull it off at first!

 I found some fun icing colors from Americolors and was able to make + ship 50 of these cookies! I ended up using these 5 colors below. The next time around, I think I'd mix the yellow and orange so that it's a bit darker and the design should then stand out a little bit more.

Overall, it's a fun challenge to see how henna comes out in different applications aside from its traditional uses! I've started a little tag to explore all these possibilities here: #hennabytana


  1. Oh, these are just gorgeous, Tana. You are a woman of many talents! ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Preeti! Wish I could share some with you. :)