Baby Roses: Flowers and Light


I just finished eating a bowl of noodle soup when I noticed the light was slowly leaving. I had a queue of various little trinkets and flowers I wanted to photograph but with very limited time.

I'm always in a state of urgency after work to rush through dinner, to rush through errands so that I can finally have the time to sit, photograph, document and experiment with things like these roses before the sun sets.


However, I've noticed that making the time is always worth it. There's a certain joy that's reserved for things like blogging, taking photos, documenting, sharing and relating to other bloggers online. :)


Would you agree? Feel the same way?


  1. Most definitely. I really find repose in blogging, and like you said, sharing my thoughts and findings. It's nice to put in some effort towards a hobby and reap good feedback. Plus, some of my friends find it pretty cool.
    Also, love the contrast of colourful flowers against the marble! :)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Totally agree, it's nice enough that we find the time to work towards our hobbies and find others that are doing the same thing. :) I can't imagine what it would be like not working towards it anymore!