Five Senses - Chocolate

Aren't some of the best gifts received in care packages? I received these chocolates from my dear friend Anri who is currently volunteering in Africa. She also sends some of the best snail mail everrrrr.


When these chocolates came in the mail, I wasn't sure if I should eat them right away or just keep them on display because of it's lovely packaging.

june9th-4 june9th-3

Before opening the packaging, I felt some rough edges in the texture. My initial thought was" IT MUST BE NUTS!" but I was completely wrong. It was actually grinded coffee beans!



And as expected, it smelled heavenly for wouldn't that be at the intersection of coffee and chocolate?


  1. that's the sweetest package! I hope you kept the packaging because it's beautiful <3
    and those pictures of the chocolate are incredible:)

  2. Isn't it the best?? I definitely saved the packaging, I was so inspired by it. Thanks, Giulia! :)

  3. What pretty packaging! I'd be too scared to send chocolate in the mail, considering just bringing home some chocolate from Bandra to Andheri makes it melt!
    These must've been yummy. There's something about these photos, they make me want to curl up under a duvet with some tea & chocolate.

    1. That's so true! I never considered the possibility of it melting in transit at all.

      It makes me want to curl up in a duvet and drink some chai too. :)