Thoughts this Friday

Photo from my trip to Iceland

 I just posted this on my instagram and what I wouldn't do to travel again. Also, it's FRIDAY!!!!! What are your plans? 

 Here are 5 things that are currently on my mind: 
(Currently messing around with html tables, I apologize for it not being lined--I'll figure this out soon!)

1. Travel 2. Photo 3. Blog 4. Design 5. Art
Looking forward to this weekend in Palm Springs. It will be a 115 degrees and I'm alright with that.

Looking for ways I can take more photos in natural light. I'm seeing a lot of  washi tape and ripped doodles in my future.
I changed my website URL to redirect to my blog.    

I'm looking
forward to furnish my new home in a couple of weeks. I'm a little anxious too because I don't have much experience with this!
Taking up calligraphy as an after work activity was a great decision yet harrowing because I still have photography and blogging and etc etc.


  1. Yay! Cheers to all of that. You have me super intrigued with the whole HTML coding of those tables you embedded in your post. Bravo! To more. Haha! :-)

    1. Thanks, Roanna! :) I hope to tweak the blog a lot more with html/css soon.