Love For Lomography 01

Traveling with multiple cameras in tow is something I'm very used to. Thankfully, my husband* is now too. While I wait for the film from our underwater Blue Lagoon adventures to develop, I'll post some prints from the Diana Mini I took from last year.

A double exposure of two things that probably don't go well together but are amazing separately (1) pizza (2) flowers
double exposure tana gandhi

Some of the prints came out a little overexposed, but I didn't mind, I had the opportunity to draw over it with my Wacom...


Sometimes, the image needs an extra something-something so I drew extra constellations on a clear night sky...


And finally, a double exposure that my dad took of me on my 25th birthday... Darn the hair tie! Maybe a double exposure birthday portrait could be a new tradition?


*As a newlywed, I'm still getting giddy saying this word!


  1. i don't know, tana --- i quite like how the double exposure turned out. i realize flowers and pizza together is an odd combo. still, the photo turned out beautiful. i also like the wacom doodles on the others. very nice!

    1. thanks so much, katrina! flowers + pizza are indeed an odd combo but maybe that just might make for an interesting series -- double exposures of things that are strange together, otherwise wonderful separately! :)