Iceland Photo Diary

We spent 10 full days in Iceland. It was cold, it was snowy (bet you thought it would be green!), and it was wonderful. You see, us Californians are so used to the sun and the beach that this trip was really other worldly to us. There were horses. There were (little to no) vegetarian food, yet we survived! And there was coffee.

We also saw the Northern Lights (here) and also took a few instagram photos (here)

Our Icelandic adventure kickstarted with a dip in the Blue Lagoon. Let me tell you, regardless of how much you prepare for the cold, there is no shock to the brain and body like that of being in a swim suit in 30 degree weather sprinting towards a water mass of 100 degrees+

Isn't this horse beautiful? One of the benefits of booking a self-drive tour is that we could stop at any point on any road that we wanted. As you'd expect,we stopped whenever we saw horses close by!
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Y'know when you're so cold, all you want to do is jump to warm up? Yeah, same here.

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While researching on what to wear, it seemed like either everyone wore sneakers or water resistant hiking boots. I chose the latter and couldn't have been happier. Despite it being fashionably unappealing, it was warm, kept my feet dry. NO COMPLAINTS.

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In case you forgot how to tie a tie in Reykjavik.
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Photos taken by the Canon 60D and G15 by Tana and Neel Shah


  1. This is the most incredible thing ever! Have you written about your trip in greater detail? I definitely would love to read it; I want to go there someday!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :) I am working on another post covering more details! I'll let you know once it's up.

  2. Tana this is incredible!!!! You both did a fantastic job with the pictures and caption-story telling!

  3. Your photos are magnificent! What camera did you use ? We are going to Iceland in August. It will be just one point of our Arctic route from and i want to hear the most useful tips from you. Maybe some "must see" places or something like this. Don't want to miss anything because it's my first vacation in last three years.