3/52: Doors

I thought this week would end up just like the last: scrambling to take a photo before the deadline.

These past few days, I planned on doing something with movements of people going in and out using doors. It was a good reminder that sometimes what you imagined will definitely not be your end product.

Here are a few other "contenders":

tana gandhi photography weekly photo challenge

After uploading these onto my computer, I noticed that the monitor and chairs in the background looked really messy. I tried brushing it white and erasing it but all of it looked completely unnatural. So then I decided, well if it's going to be unnatural, why don't I just make it completely unnatural and dreamlike? 

Week 3 - Doors

A few years ago, I was really against using Photoshop to create images. However, I really think it's a wonderful tool-- you can come up with scenes you never thought existed!

So where do you stand on using Photoshop intensively to make an image?

The Weekly Photo Challenge is an online Flickr group that takes photos on a weekly basis with various themes. We welcome you to join it at any time and participate, share, and interact with like-minded photo enthusiasts.

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